Amster-Dam You… You’re Awesome!

Two ladies walk onto a train. One says, “This is going to be fun!” The other says, “Yes, but I’m a bit nervous.” By the end of the trip, the two ladies walk off the train. One says, “Let’s do this again.” The other says, “Yes, but not by the f*#king train.”

Amsterdam, rich in history and art, must be one of the epitomes of Europe. With it’s long waterways and winding old stone streets, plethora of bicycles, and vibrant display of cultural diversity, Amsterdam is a WIN. With a very quick three day and two night trip from Rhineland-Pfalz by train, we were somewhat on the move. We explored the city center with a stay at the Doubletree by Hilton located right next to the Central Station.

We arrived and headed off to the Rembrandt Museum House and spent about four hours there. So needless to say, money well spent getting into the place. Beautiful works of art, not by Rembrandt, but copies most likely from his students. If you like and appreciate art, you should visit. Rembrandt was a genius, not just in art, but in the way he delivered and expressed it. I’ll let the tour explain it all, but it was a great start to a quick weekend visit.

We then wandered around the city, stopping at a restaurant and having a bite to eat and a few drinks. Quick tip: I had a tea mixed with brandy, ginger, and lemon… This concoction will make you want to shat your pants in literally 45 mins from consumption. Thankfully, my sphincter muscles are in pretty good condition cause I was able to hold it in an additional hour after consumption. Made it back to the hotel and survived. BEWARE.

The next day, we had a lovely breakfast and then made our way to Van Gough Museum. There was a Millet exhibition when we there which was most fortunate. The man was a genius and was one of the founders of Impressionism. There weren’t an enormous amount of people around so I didn’t feel rushed and could drown myself in a picture. Wasn’t allowed to take pictures in the exhibition to the point where the guards where a bit tense when they caught someone trying to take a picture. When we got to the Van Gough side of the museum, it was devastatingly crowded of people swarming to take pictures and see his works. It didn’t help people were inside just to get out of the rain. So I will have to say, due to the madness, I enjoyed the Millet exhibition more than than the Van Gough.

Before we hit the Van Gough museum, we stopped by the Moco Museum. They had one Salvador Dali print, one of my favorite artists. And then the rest of the museum was interesting. Modern art with political and social statements… Art that makes you think whether you agree with any of it. Ironic the Bansky paintings were sold for millions after learning at the museum what he initially was fighting for. Now an artist multi-millionaire praised by the very elite he at first despised. Perhaps a discussion for another time.

We hit up a small Christmas market and scoffed down some churros, took some ridiculous photos, and drank some beer. Everyone was having a wonderful Christmas time. It was a nice evening with no rain in sight. We then went in search of CBD oil that would be legal to take back to Germany, but no go. So we headed back to the hotel for small bites and a late night of drinking at the hotel Skybar. Haven’t been to a fancy schmancy bar like that in a long time thinking to myself, have I made it? I certainly don’t think so, but the pretentiousness of it all made me feel out of place, but not really if that makes any sense.

The train ride home was long and quiet. It was a perfect quick ladies weekend and we were ready to get back to our own surroundings and loved ones. Amsterdam is not a city to be tackled in three days. It’s a forever city of discovery. Can’t wait to go back next year for a few more days with the hubs!