Lumber River State Park Chaulk

One thing is for sure, North Carolina does not fail to impress for the outdoors nature enthusiast! While we are trying to get out more and explore our surrounding area and state parks, only a twenty minute drive inland from Raeford, North Carolina is the Lumber River State Park Chaulk.

As you drive up to the entrance, you’ll cross a bridge stretching across the river. If you can sneak a peak, you’ll often see kayaks headed downstream. Turning into the park is a gravel road which travels a mile northward. You’ll pass trails, camp sites, and end at a picnic area. There, kayaks, tubers, and paddles boards can load into the river. Those seeking to beat the heat are also welcome to enjoy the river and a swimming hole.

Dogs are not allowed off leash unless enjoying the river as well. However, Park Rangers are kind enough to allow pet owners the ability to use their discretion regarding their dogs. We are respectful to patrons and only allow our dogs off leash when no one is around.

Take a stroll along the river down a shaded path. As any other outdoor adventure, be sure to spray yourself down for insects. Our sister went home with two huge bites, one on her ear and another on her back!

Camping is excellent with many amenities. There is the option to tent and another option for parking camper sites.

All in all… a lovely place we now visit quite often!

Check it out:




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