247 Craven

We celebrated our anniversary with dinner at 247 Craven, New Bern, North Carolina. This is a true story.

The old city smelled of sea with it’s humid air weighing on the evening. As we walked to the restaurant, not far from our hotel, there was a nostalgia of remnant brick buildings, a tall clock tower overhead, and an unrelenting sun setting sky. I felt… in love.

247 Craven, a quaint restaurant with large glass windows was somewhat tucked away as if we happened upon it, like Lucy and her adventures in the wardrobe, when of course, we were intentionally seeking it out. Online, the reviews for 247 Craven were quite favorable and we were immediately drawn in by the advertisement of locally sourced fresh foods. 

Upon walking in, a young man with dark hair, dark eyes, and dark skin waved a handsome bright smile welcoming us into what was a very cozy space. Natural wooded furniture, white or cream colored walls with distinctive wall decor, I felt very comfortable. I felt as though, this restaurant will not disappoint me. My feelings of sentiment were right.

From a delicious appetizer of peanut humus and fresh cooked pork rinds to a beautifully slow grilled Angus hanger steak, we were impressed. The bottle of Bordeaux we drank was a delicious pairing to the steaks we had and the blueberry cheesecake we shared was absolutely lovely. The amazing food and quaint ambiance brought smiles and laughter, chatter about old memories, and subtle coquetry. We said, “I love you,” out loud, with our eyes, while holding hands… we were in love.

But if you happen to not be in it for the love, definitely go for the food because 247 Craven is worthwhile no matter what!

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