Gillis Hill Farm

Like many American states, North Carolina boasts beautiful and bountiful farms. Nearby, between Fayetteville and Raeford, a historic farm still exists and is welcome to the public: Gillis Hill Farm.

Established in the 1700s by Scottish immigrants, this ancestral family farm continues to produce farm fresh foods for the surrounding community. A produce stand can be found at the corner of Gillis Hill Road and Stoney Point Road. There you can find a variety of in season farm fresh vegetables and fruits, homemade jams and seasonings, and even an opportunity to pick your own fresh foods when available.

On the other side of the farm, open between April – October, you can enjoy a delectable cup or cone of homemade ice cream with flavors ranging from mint chocolate chip to cookies and cream. You can sit in the picnic area or enjoy the smooth rhythm of their rocking chairs lined on the wrap around porch. PS… The ice cream is literally the best!

Pathways leading around to the back of the farm showcase free range chickens, goats, horses, a pond, an amphitheater, and a restored water mill. Across the pond are cattle laying in the shade and water trying to escape the summer heat.

A quaint and beautiful farm rich with the very thing many of us modern Americans say we would love to return to… the simple life. But if physical labor is too hard and raising animals… well just not your thing… just visit Gillis Hill Farm any time you feel the need to get away from all the hustle and bustle of life.

More information on Gillis Hill Farm:

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