San Diego High-Fives Part Uno

I wrote that last post so quickly that I didn’t detail review some great places I visited and ones that you should consider as well.

Little Italy Farmer’s Market: Every Saturday from 0800-1400, you can find a lovely quaint venue, filled with farm fresh produce, fresh baked breads and pastries, flowers, plants, soaps, and so much more! Enjoy local community support with a scenic view of the harbor.

Wayfarer Bread: I literally died and went to bread heaven! This place reminded me of breads I ate in Europe. So hearty, so flavorful! The little corner cafe in Del Mar was a special place to visit with friendly service, outdoor patio, and pet friendly. Don’t pass up your chance for good eats in San Diego! Click on the link and find where you can acquire some of their yumminess!

Baja California: Took a day trip down to Baja California, Mexico and it was a great birthday with not a cloud in the sky, the sun beaming! Stopped in Puerto Nuevo for an old tradition dating back to 1995 when we would skip school, drive into Mexico, go down to Puerto Nuevo for all you can eat lobster tail, and drink some tequila. From there, we made our way down the very scenic highway, overlooking the pacific ocean and the Mexican coast line.

Made a turn inland and headed to the Valle De Guadelupe. First stop, El Cielo Winery & Resort. Took a wine tour, sampled some wine, walked around the resort, and bought some wine to bring home with us. A beautiful property boasting an amazing cellar, available to rent out for private dining and parties. Outside the food looked amazing, with large plates of fresh barbecued meat which made it’s way to various diners scattered amongst lawn tables.

Ater El Cielo, we decided to take a look at a little winery down the way with great reviews: Encuentro Guadelupe. Right away, the architecture stuns! Scattered along the hillside are little private dwellings seemingly hovering over the main building, which holds a restaurant and bar area. Even with it’s strong lines against the rocky backdrop, the buildings blended in looking as if they’ve always been a part of the landscape. With great customer service and a feeling of down to earth surroundings, anyone would feel comfortable in a feeling of luxury, enjoying the delicious food, wines, and view.

Last, but certainly not least, was Deckman’s. We happened upon a special occassion whereby a proposal was made and accepted. A hired mariachi band entertained for hours. The outdoor restaurant has covered and uncovered eating areas. Heaters and blankets are available for those cold desert nights. The bathroom was a little bit of a trek, but most certainly well worth it. I thought, my gosh, this bathroom is brilliant (sorry no pics) with it’s use of industrial materials forged with stone all engineered in a very sophisticated way. Food was exactly as great as the reviews said it would be. And so ended a wonderful birthday.

There are a lot of great places to visit when in Baja California, Mexico. Don’t be shy with visiting places along the coast line. If you drive over, make sure to take your passport, get international car insurance for Mexico, and fill up your gas tank! Plan your trip. Being spontaneous in Mexico may get you stranded. Some places are so far out that you may not see a gas station for a long while. As in anywhere, always be safe and vigilant, especially at night. And have FUN!

Stayed tuned for Part Dos on more great places to try when visiting San Diego!

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