In August, I traveled to the island of Oahu, Hawaii visiting my best friend in the countryside of Wailua. Spending four days on the Tin Roof Ranch Farm was lovely and just what a hard working woman needed to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. Just five minutes down the road from Waimea, spending time there was simplified to resonate the more important things in life: appreciating life and enjoying it.

We rambled around at Tamashiro’s Market for the freshest fish at reasonable prices, Kailua Farmer’s Market, ate some amazing food from Ted’s Bakery, Agu Ramen, and Marukame Udon Waikiki amongst other notables that I don’t really have time to recollect… But my goodness! The poke is to die for! The multi-cultural blends of foods only Hawaii can deliver are very, very tasty!

We swam in the ocean waters of Waimea Bay and Lanikai Beach. Beautiful and not so crowded. The water was warm… I mean like bath water warm. I could’ve stayed in the ocean for hours.

Though I’ve posted some pictures here of my short trip, the most memorable picture etched in my mind was the view of the sky, floating on my back teetering on the small ocean waves. The sun behind the clouds, the vibrant blue sky… it was magical.

Oahu, i alofa ia te oe ma misia e.




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