It’s actually happening. I’ve had this little idea suspended in the back on my mind this past year. Do a podcast. Don’t worry. It’s not me rambling on about any specific topic in the mainstream media, not music, not entertainment, not food or wine, not traveling, or how interesting I am or my life is because quite frankly that would be a rather boring podcast. No, it’s about my little community. The people around me, making big and little waves in my local scenery and connected to me in some way shape or form. True positive impacts. Leaders we forget, people who shape our thoughts and minds like teachers, doctors, nurses, police officers, chefs, story tellers, writers, musicians, photographers, physical personal trainers, pastors… People who inspire just from being who they are with a strong commitment to their work day in and day out. My hope for this podcast is through highlighting every day people who do extraordinary things, more and more people will start to appreciate each other as individuals, support our local communities, and bridge gaps through open dialogue. Please tune in… when more info becomes available. ML