I am a Samoan woman, middle aged, and far from perfect… But everyday, I’m striving for that perfection; a perfection which most likely will never be attainable. This is my journey towards the unattainable.

Don’t say that, you’re beautiful, you’re so smart, don’t give up… Shut up. I’m a damn realist.

Look, perfection is unattainable. Why? Because we’re human and fifty percent of the time, we act irrationally. So do I believe perfection is attainable? Relatively speaking, perhaps in terms of perception… I guess anyone can perceive to be perfect. I’m not. Nor do I perceive myself to be. BUT – I’m not going to stop trying to be my best, give my best, love at my best, fight the best way I know how, and grow into the best person I can be.

This is my journey.